Saturday, January 5, 2008

A battered suitcase and looking ahead

For the new year I decided to participate in: 101 in 1,001 Basically you have 1,001 days (roughly 2.75 years) to complete the 101 tasks you outline for yourself. I like this time frame because it lands me when i'll be 25, at my quarter-life mark. Here's my list:

Not yet started
In progress

Start date: 1.06.2008
End date: 10.03.2010

"It's a battered suitcase and a hotel someplace -- a wound that will never heal" -- Travel, Adventure and all things International

1. Learn to speak French fluently
2. Eat baklava in Greece
3. Ride in a hot air balloon
4. Go to a thermal bathing pool in Reykjavik
5. Get drivers license
6. Take a road trip across the U.S.
7. Go camping
8. Try 10 new types of cuisine [5/10]
9. Create a travel journal
10. Picnic by the Eiffel Tower
11. Create a journal to mail out for 1,001 journals project
12. See Niagara Falls
13. Climb to the top of the lighthouse in Montauk
14. Learn 1,001 new words in French [31/1001]
15. Visit my best friend in Buffalo
16. Set aside money every day for travel funds [600/1001]
17. Learn basic Italian

"All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein" -- Writing

18. Get into grad school
19. Finish writing a book of poetry
20. Read 101 books cover to cover [40/101]
21. Write 101 poems [101/101]
22. Learn 1,001 new words in English [20/1,001]
23. Write a children's book
24. Read 101 magazines (online and print), books [60/101]
25. Attend a poetry reading once a month [20/33]
26. Get through backlog of Opium submissions (co-working with others) 

27. Write to 10 authors I admire [3/10]
28. Send out a batch of poems twice a month [24/66]
29. Enter 10 poetry competitions [6/10]
30. Get published in 10 more publications [10/10]
31. Read 101 Wikipedia articles about things I don't know [50/101]

"If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later." -- Health/Body, Food

32. Start taking modern dance classes again
33. Make 20 healthful eating substitutions [12/20]
34. Wake up by 9 am daily
35. Reach fitness goals
36. Attend a wine tasting
37. Try out one new recipe a month and put in cookbook [15/33]
38. Complete a facial regimen twice a year [6/6]
39. Meditate/Self-hypnosis once a week [45/143]

40. Sample 10 new cocktails [5/10]
41. Design a new henna tattoo

"An intersection of many human needs" -- Art, Music, Photography, Crafts

42. Learn to play the violin
43. Knit a pair of mittens and hat
44. Get good photo editing software
45. Photograph every completed task
46. Design 101 post-its to stick places [0/101]
47. Do a series of self-portraits [0/?]
48. Attend a jazz concert
49. Attend an opera
50. Get naked and paint something with my body
51. Go to an art exhibit/ museum once per season [7/11]
52. Knit a pooch sweater for Ollie
53. Learn more than the basics of parfumerie

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction." -- Love, Relationships, Family, People

54. Volunteer
55. Donate blood once a year [2/3]
56. Learn to read palms
57. Blog weekly [30/143]

58. Cook dinner for the homeless on Thanksgiving
59. Write to my grandparents twice a year [0/6]
60. Take each member of my family on a date once a year [11/12]
61. Have sex in three places I never have before [0/3]
62. Buy more lingerie
63. (Private)

"Only dead fish swim with the stream" Independence, Finances, Organization

64. Organize my file cabinet
65. Take myself out on a date once a month [10/33]
66. Invest in decorating my new apartment
67. Find a second job
68. Organize computer/favorites links
69. Figure out financial assistance for grad school
70. Organize room completely
71. Save up $10,000
72. Pay off all debt
73. Get my own apartment

74. -- 101. Reserved to decide on in the upcoming years (as I'm sure new things will strike my fancy)

74. Get custom mixed perfume to put in the crystal bottle I got in Venice
75. Go fishing
76. Go to a baseball game at the new Mets stadium
77. Attend a writing retreat
78. Attend a fancy masquerade ball/party
79. Throw a Hawaiian luau party
80. Bury time capsule with Miss Elizabeth Ann
81. Learn to make pasta from scratch
82. Throw a cocktail in a mans face
83. Read a poem in public
84. Attend speed dating
85. Plant a garden
86. Learn the names and composers of all the classical songs you love
87. Finish journal [250/250 pages]
88. Complete 30 poems in 30 days poetry marathon [13/30]
89. Get a new typewriter
90. Make a pop-up book
91. Write 5 more handwritten letters to friends [5/5]
92. Design and sew a dress for myself
93. Do a cartwheel in a tropical location
94. Attend a drive-in movie
95. Buy a house
96. Get my full-length book published !!!!!!!!!!
97. Have professional photographs taken of myself to preserve my 20's (I'm going to count the ones the poetry brothel took of me for their website.)
98. Get married to my true love
99. Learn to drive on a highway
100. ?