Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm as thin as your eyelashes

So recently I've been getting into the opera. I have a lot of fun reveling in the obscenely fancy (yet adorable) things that I encounter when I see one, such as; gold water fountains, disposable champagne glasses, and velvet handrails. I've seen Madama Butterfly (wonderful, poignant, enthralling) and Satyagraha (sleep-inducing, slow-moving, sung-in-sanskrit-with-no-subtitles-kill-me-now). But still, I've found the opera to be an amazing experience and I can't wait to see many more.

I went to visit Sarah Lawrence again, to get a feel for it in the daytime. I honestly can't wait to start grad school there in September. I went with my family and we had brunch at a nearby cafe, discussing politics and finances over hash browns and eggs. And every time the door of the cafe opened, I swear it smelled like flowers.

Also, in recent and wonderful news, I've started taking driving lessons. I've only had two, but I already feel completely at ease behind the wheel and can't wait to get a car. I think my quickness to comfortability is mainly due to the fact that my driving school instructor is ridiculously awesome and makes me totally calm. So yay to him.