Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How possible to be both winged and immovable

I'm finally living in my own luxuriously adorable one bedroom apartment in Bronxville. I could explain to you how happy I am, but better yet, come to my housewarming and see for yourself.

Living on my own is pretty great. I can smoke wherever I want to, can go to sleep naked and can leave dirty dishes in the sink over night. But there are some drawbacks-- i'm without my little sis and have no one to go for coffee with in the a.m., I have no one to hide under the covers with when a mini tornado hits, and I have no one to read me stories to fall asleep to. But I've begun downloading audio files and last night I fell asleep to a strange man reading me Aristotle's "Poetics".

Also, I've just been put on the masthead as the official poetry editor for Opium Magazine. Honestly, two years ago when I was sitting in a tea cafe drooling over a copy of Opium, I would never have believed that I'd be published in it, let alone have the privilege of being it's sole poetry editor. It's awesome beyond words. I feel like I'm at a picnic and someone has just run up and given me all the cupcakes.

Here is an awesome short story/memoir by my arguably favorite writer, Nick Flynn: http://www.esquire.com/features/nick-flynn-0208?click=main_sr