Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ticking is the Bomb

he came and did a reading at my school tonight

and my heart went pitter-patter

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How things are bright in certain places, and dark in others

I've somehow bought a car:">car I hate driving alone though. There's no one to tell me to wait! because that bus over there is about to crash into me. And when I drive alone I roll down the windows and talk to myself out loud so everyone in my neighborhood thinks I'm crazy.

And in other news I need to find some new friends. I contacted about a dozen of my friends to see if they were free this coming Saturday, and the majority were free and wanted to hang out, but as soon as I mentioned it was to go to a poetry event they suddenly had schoolwork and sick grandmothers and terminal illnesses. The next time I invite someone to a poetry event I'm going to tell them it's a party with an open bar, and then when they arrive they'll be so dazzled by the lovely magical poems that they won't care about my trickery.

I'm so excited because I finally bought my tickets to go to Paris. I'll be spending New Years Eve there. I can't even imagine what the city will be like at that time. I picture the Eiffel Tower shooting fireworks and Parisians covered in glitter and snow and dancing in the streets. From there we'll be going to Venice, which seems like one of the most romantic places ever. I spent the past summer becoming fluent in Italian, and by "becoming fluent" I mean I listened to 'Teach yourself Italian" whenever I washed the dishes.

This Halloween I have no idea what I'm going to be. I've never been very creative when it came to costumes, but i'll be on one of the floats in the village parade, so I think it ought to be something more extraordinary than my past outfits which have largely been: kitten, sparkly kitten, and slutty kitten.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How blue -- these lips that find the cold, and will not leave it

So I celebrated Rosh Hashanah in style. Even though I'm not Jewish, I enjoy Jewish people. My best friend invited me to her families celebration and we ate borscht, cow liver, tongue, got drunk off kosher wine and talked about Tolstoy and Nabokov all night. The next day as we were walking her adorable little pooch, we came upon a very small squirrel. It actually let us come up to it and stroke its fur, and let the dog sniff it. I marveled at how extraordinarily sweet it was that this small vulnerable creature let down its guard and let us come into contact with it. My friend said it must have been retarded, or had a brain tumor or something.

In great news, I finally passed my road test! For the first time I wasn't nervous in the least, and the test administrator smelled incredibly good, so I think that might have helped. At any rate, I'm going car shopping this week-end!

I'm also very excited because I've been asked to curate an entire poetry event/reading in N.Y.C. I have absolutely no idea how to do this, but this is such a major opportunity and I plan on knocking it out of the park. I've also been asked to be a reader in an upcoming event, and read my poems. This makes me nervous beyond belief. The thing is, I've always ignored open mics and informal readings for just this reason -- I want my first poetry reading to be legitimate and awesome. So I've always been waiting for this, and I'm so, so thrilled.

I've had many interesting experiences in the past month. I've been to a titillating and sparkly burlesque show (, saw the Phantom of the Opera, and went to my first ever smoky jazz performance ( A few weeks ago on a very rainy evening my friend and I decided to construct paper sailboats and sail them down the current of a nearby road. I had the very romantic notion to write our contact information on them, as I believed that whoever would find these sailboats would be our true loves. My friend maintained that the most likely recipient of these love boats would be the nearest homeless man, but who knows what could happen?