Thursday, May 28, 2009

And the living is easy

So my first year of grad school has finally come to a close and I'm astonished at how quickly it's gone. Summertime is wonderful, filled with sidewalk cocktail hours, seaside picnics and flirty dresses, but at the same time the season always makes me a bit nervous. For the past 10 years it's been this way, I tend to go a little mad at this time of year, which I attribute to the lack of a rigid school schedule/workload. I'm most content when I have a clear set of parameters and consistent deadlines to meet, but summer is like a hot fuzzy tunnel that I have to climb my way through, get lost in, and try to manage to make it out the other side where the crisp leaves and freshly sharpened pencils of Fall semester lies. Okay, that was a slightly convoluted simile now that I think about it. And 'hot fuzzy tunnel' sounds somewhat pervy on second thought. Anyway. So to ward off my typical summertime mental breakdown/depression I've been sticking to a strict regimen of reading and writing since school let out a couple weeks ago, which means I spend most my days holed up in the library.

I've been exploring and hopping around to different libraries in my quest to find the perfect one. In case there's anyone out in the ether that is as nerdy and library crazy as I, I've come up with ratings for some of the libraries I've perused in the past couple weeks:

Research Library - Midtown - Upside: luxuriously ornate and makes me feel like I'm studying to become Queen. Also, an abundance of cute boys to rest my poetry weary eyes on from time to time. Downside: quite the commute from where I live, and you can't check anything out.

Mid Manhattan Library - Midtown - Upside: amazing poetry collection. Downside: suspiciously homeless people lurk about, also the man who works the desk on the lit floor freaks me out with his germaphobia, I'm afraid if I sneeze near him he will behead me.

White Plains Library - Westchester - Upside: very quiet and has a pretty good poetry section, also gives me an excuse to drive to White Plains and nibble at Atlanta Bread Co. Downside: None really, except the ladies rest rooms hand dryer is broken and I don't like having wet hands.

Sarah Lawrence Library - Bronxville - Upside: extremely close, has cozy little desks to study in, good poetry section and great magazine/journal section, really sweet staff. Downside: to hunt for books I need I have to go into a dungeon where the bookcases are all packed together and only separate when you press a button, at which point they float magically apart, but I'm afraid one day the will float magically back together while I'm in the middle and I'll be crushed to death while clawing away at some Sylvia Plath.

Tuckahoe Library
- Westchester - Upside: they have a couple leather chairs that are kind of comfortable. Downside: It's tiny, frequented by old people and small children, and when I asked the clerk where the poetry section was she squinted at me like I was a disease and led me to a pathetic half a shelf of dusty poetry books.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

25 Things

1. I'm terrified of driving on the highway, and when I'm forced to I merge by closing my eyes and stepping on the gas.
2. I'm obsessed with the sound of my own voice, and the voices of all people in general. I sometimes record myself reading things (like poems) and try to modify my speaking patterns.
3. I think I'm fancy because I use my vintage typewriter to make up grocery lists.
4. I dress according to the time of year, not the weather, which landed me in a snowfall a little while ago in flip flops and a sundress.
5. I haven't carried an umbrella in years. I think umbrellas are for squares. (Unless you have really pretty ones like E.)
6. Drinking-wise, I'm not a lightweight by any means, but if I have a shot of anything during the night, I'm legally no longer responsible for my actions. (true fact, and this is why I do not drink liquor)
7. I want to read the favorite book of everyone I love/kind of like.
8. I feel inferior to a lot of people because I don't read the newspaper everyday. I don't really know what's going on in the world, but I can recite you a sonnet by heart or explain to you the mating habits of otters. (different priorities)
9. I have a huge soft spot for public libraries, and the only time I write letters to the government are to plead for more funding for them.
10. I wear perfume everywhere I go, because you never know when someone important will sniff you. I have over a dozen bottles of perfume and consider myself to have a master nose. I like to go to department stores and smell perfumes until I get a headache. Sometimes when I'm in a grocery store I'll accidentally sniff a can of soup or a box of crackers.
11. I always have the television on. It's like my adult version of the imaginary friend.
12. I plan on lying about my age once I hit 25.
13. I think people who sing along to songs in public are annoying but I do it myself
14. When I'm feeling musical I'll pull out my violin and play 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. I've been playing violin for a few years but it's the only song I play, or want to play, really. You would think I'd get sick of it, but I don't, it's a classic.
15. I don't really trust or like people who have small appetites, or people who don't drink.
16. I think that air conditioners make the most wonderful sound in the world.
17. Whenever I buy a new pet goldfish I miraculously end up in a relationship with someone that ends up being a long term relationship. I know this is a silly superstition, but I am a Pisces after all. I'm planning to buy a new goldfish in August so we'll see if this holds true.
18. As much as I try, I cannot walk around in high heels.
19. I dream every night about the most mundane things; buying light bulbs, talking to someone on the phone, paying my rent. And I often confuse things that have happened in my dreams for having occurred in real life. This causes problems.
20. I'm happier in the ocean than on land.
21. There is not a single person in the world that I could say that I "hate". (although at the time of press I may just be forgetting some things)
22. I went through a phase in high school where I wore bright pink everyday, sometimes from head to toe.
23. I'm in a really good mood 90% of the time.
24. I'm a little hypochondriac-y but largely only because of, because any symptom you type into it will tell you that you have cancer or AIDS. And also because if I sneeze around my mom she will tell me I'm dying.
25. I honestly believe that one day someone will write a biography about me, and try to live my life accordingly. But who wouldn't want to write a biography about a fancy, word-hungry, violin playing, perfume wearing, imaginary, superstitious, happy poet?