Monday, July 13, 2009

Running away to the circus

For the fourth of July I threw a bbq at my house. The main guests were my best friends family whose father had never been to my house for a celebration in all our years of friendship, so of course I wanted to make it extra special. I planned out an elaborate dinner menu, with a prosciutto and melon appetizer, grilled pork loins as a main course, and bumblebee cupcakes care of Martha Stewart. Sadly I had forgotten that her family is Jewish and couldn't eat pork so I had to ditch all the food I made and run to the supermarket and buy chicken at the last minute. I don't know what compelled me to create an all-pork meal for a bunch of Jewish folk, maybe it is the hidden racist within me. We still all had a great time ;)

I made the decision to move from my lovely apartment in Bronxville to an apartment on the Upper East Side. I found a great place and will be living there with my best buddy so I'm pretty darn excited about all that. It's a duplex type apartment so there are 3 floors in it, and we each have our own bathroom!? Also, I have a balcony which I plan to put a mini garden in and grow fresh herbs and flowers with.

Also, I went to the circus at Coney Island the other day. I haven't been since I was a little girl and it seemed a lot smaller than I recall, but still pretty impressive. Here are some girls pre-show:

We also took our picture in a mini photo booth which are pretty much the best things ever:

Yesterday I drove out with friends to a wine tasting in Long Island. It was so nice to be out in the country and I got to learn all about how to drink wine properly and what I should be sniffing/tasting. I smelled amazing things, like grapefruit, smoke, green apple and buttered toast, when before all I smelled in wine was wine!

Afterwards we went to the beach:

I also got some cute salt and pepper shakers shaped like birds!:

But one of the birds keeps leaking pepper out of its butt so it's kind of a problem...

So it was a pretty awesome week-end but then I got into a minor car accident last night at midnight. I was in a Wendys parking lot waiting impatiently for chicken nuggets, and the guy in the car behind me leaned in to kiss his girlfriend and his foot slipped off the brake, thus crashing into my car. I would be madder if it wasn't so romantic.