Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's just a hump to get over, not a whole damn camel.

So today I had a pretty amazing *school day*. I felt like I was just so joyful and glowing with all the positive things that were happening poetry-wise. To recap:

1. My professor unfortunately had to cancel our class today, but we decided to meet for workshop anyway. And, every single person showed up, and we did the class on our own. I was seriously stunned. Throughout high school and college I could never have imagined anyone showing up when the professor canceled class, let alone every single person showing up. Maybe I'm making too big a deal out of this, but I seriously was so proud and happy to be a part of such a talented, devoted group of writers.

2. I experienced such an overwhelming kindness and care from my program advisor as she stuck up for me and got me into the workshop I had my heart set on for next semester.

3. I met with my thesis advisor, and had a significant change in perspective as to where I want my thesis to go.

4. Opium appointed me with a poetry assistant. I'm thrilled that now I will not be all lonesome and there will be a much more powerful team in making the poetry in the magazine even more awesome!

So with all these amazing, heartwarming, inspiring things happening, in 1 single day, it is obvious that I had to get something that would commemorate it all, and it comes in the form of the Sarah Lawrence Mascot Bear, that I purchased from the school store:

Yes, I know it's extraordinarily corny to have so much school spirit at this age, particularly in the form of a stuffed bear in a sweatshirt, but I refuse to feel any shame, and anything besides delight when I look at his squinty, furry face.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"the teeth/ are never finally the/ teeth of love"

Last week I woke up one morning after having dreamt of Bukowski all night. I woke up loving him terribly, and ate my breakfast over Love is a Dog From Hell. [The blog post title is from his poem "Iron Mike"]

My best friend attended a pot luck dinner at her law school and had to bring something. Since she doesn't cook she asked me to make her something. I decided to take out my beloved cupcake bible: Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. I chose a coconut cupcake dressed like a baby chick!

Here is what they are supposed to look like:

Here is how mine turned out:

So, a bit squatter and a slight lazy eye, but I still thought they looked adorable! I got quite attached to them and was sad when they marched off, brave and determined, housed in a pizza box, into the cold, cold world.

Anyway, I've been madly reading and re-reading: Stupid Hope, by Jason Shinder. It's a horrible thing, to discover an amazing new poet, to feel that hot flush of poems that re-inspire you, that awaken something in yourself, and then read on the back cover that he's recently died. It really bothers me sometimes, that there's so much great poetry out there, right now, that I don't even know about. The fact that it's there is haunting to me.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I've been sniffly and sick the past few days, but have been fighting it like mad. Tons of vitamin C, Echinacea tea and probiotic yogurt, plus my magic green 'cocktail':

I juice apples, lemon, ginger, spinach and celery and end up with a super healthy, energetic and yummy drink. I drink it from a martini glass so it feels more glamorous.

Today I was feeling a bit better and cooked dinner for my sister. I made a steak with blue cheese sauce, a recipe I've been trying to master, and we drank "Bitch" wine:

And for dessert we got these scrumptious cupcakes from Crumbs:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't Try

So the month of 30 poems in the month of October is officially over. I'm so, so proud of myself because I finished the project (though I took an extra day). Granted, some of the 'poems' are kinda crap and a half-desperate attempt to finish, but there was no "quality" laws on this project! Hurrah! I'm done! I don't think I've ever wrote so intensely in all my life! Here's a link again: http://reconsiderthesky.blogspot.com/

I have to thank my fantastical poetess's Victoria and Eugenia for being such great partners in this endeavor. They were so inspiring with their prompts and their own poems!

Anyway, Halloween was a blast. My best friend/roommate has been getting me more and more into this holiday (I used to hate it!). My costume was throwback to the 50's, nothing too elaborate. I'm so painfully un-creative when it comes to costuming. A crazy night though; we debauched some innocent teenagers, someone ended up sleeping in my bathtub and rhinestones were everywhere!