Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Erasures and My Future as a Poet

So I'm workshopping with the amazing Matthea Harvey, and she has lived up to every (idealistic, fantastical) expectation that I had. And on top of her teaching/guiding skills she's an absolute sweetheart. She assigned us to do a poetry erasure: I decided on doing an erasure of a book on the history of pigeons, because I've always had an affinity for them and I thought the vocabulary would be good, and as a side project I decided to combine two of my favorite things ever: poetry and cupcakes, and made a collection of a dozen erasure poems from cupcake recipes [care of Martha Stewart] and frosted one cupcake erasure onto some cupcakes as the cover:

I'm having such fun in this class, you wouldn't believe.

Also, to update my 101 in 1,001 list, I've done the following: 1. A cartwheel in a tropical location (on the beach in Mexico in January). 2. An art exhibit (The "Slash: Paper Under the Knife" exhibit @ the MAD) 3. Attended a ball (the future lawyers ball. Although this wasn't a masquerade ball I'll still count it).

Lastly, I was working out of Starbucks the other day, and for the entire 4+ hours I was there I was seated next to a homeless man who had a shopping cart full of belongings. He was reading a book the whole time, and I never paid any attention to him. As he got up to leave I glanced over and noticed the book he was reading (and all the notebooks and pens he had) and saw that it was a book on poetry craft that I was also currently reading. I thought "fantastic, that is basically my future as a poet". I guess I never will be rich or "successful" or "important" but I think I'll, at least, be happy.