Monday, September 13, 2010

Monsters on the Outside and Monsters on the Inside

I haven't been to a church in years, and last night, at about 10 p.m. I decided to go. I was/am in such a confusing place that I wanted to pray about, and find some kind of guidance. It was an extremely atypical decision for me to go do this, since I'm not religious. I walked over to a church nearby that was lit up with strings of lights and seemed inviting. After trying all the doors I realized I was locked out, and this made me sad. I thought churches were places that were always open when you needed them?

Victoria came over this afternoon and she magically got me to write. I always feel so inspired after spending time with her, and it was just the creative boost I needed. Right after she left, a storm hit, and the mood for writing was perfect. I made a drawing of my "pain-body" and what it would look like. This was based on a poetry exercise from Ordinary Genius by Kim Addonizio. We were supposed to think about things inside of us that caused us pain, and visually imagine this monster. This is how mine came out:

That is mainly how I spent my evening, until deciding to bake: a chocolate cupcake with fresh berries baked in, and a cream cheese frosting topped with sugared raspberries. I'm calling it "Falling in Love in a Berry Field is Messy". I was excited to use my new food coloring set, so I made green leafy-grass swirls.