Monday, July 25, 2011

Humanity is a thing that crawls under yr skin

Last week I went to Montreal with Miss Elizabeth, and it was a holiday designed primarily to give myself a fresh perspective on things. It is sometimes very difficult when you are in the mud of a situation, to see clearly what needs to be done, and flitting off to another country always seems to do the trick for me. Mini holidays force me to break out of any routine/rut, whether it be mental or physical, and I always return with a purer focus, a more energized heart and an aggressive to-do list. My Elizabeth proved to be the most wonderful friend, dropped everything and met me in Montreal, and we talked, laughed, swam, spent ungodly money on food, and listened to jazz. I'm not quite sure why I deserved the world bringing me a friend like her, but I absolutely will not give her back.

[She took this photo of me which is one of my most lovely/happy in the world]

Also, we found that hugs are a form of currency there, and paid for part of our steak dinner with hugs to the waitstaff. Canada is too adorable to be a real country.

Yesterday Nick took me upstate to Ochs Farm where we were able to pick our own fruit.

We also went to Sugar Loaf, this small and friendly town, and through the hot rain we dodged into various artsy shops. I saw so many beautiful photographs of trees, and a lot of spiritual gifts. When we were driving away he surprised me with this most beautiful perfume decanter that I had fallen in love with in one shop.

So tonight I spent the evening syringing my most expensive perfume into it, and am now in the middle of making an apple galette with the apples we bought. It is a terribly french way to spend the evening, or at least this is what I imagine the happiest, most darling French women do on Monday nights.

It is not too pretty, but I'm sure it's tasty. My life is too lovely for me or anyone...