Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost"

I've been enchanted with the contemporary dance choreography of the late Pina Bausch for many, many years. I still have not gone to see a live performance, because it's difficult for me to sell the idea of contemporary german dance to anyone in my life. She was a pioneer of Tanztheater, and a documentary about her was in the midst of production when she received notice from the doctor that she had cancer. Five days later she was dead. The film, "Pina" is now complete, and I think it to be just the thing to tide me over until the day I can see one of her dances in person. I really ought to be cultivating a greater sense of independence, and should just go see a performance by myself. How silly to deny myself pleasure just because I don't want to go alone!

Here is a snip of one of her love dances. Like all her work, it is magical loveliness, emotionally raw and slightly unsettling.

I badly want to go back to my dance classes, but some fear has been holding me back. They make me feel so happy and full of life for days afterwards, and my body begins to move more artfully.

Tuesday's Intake

Breakfast: 1/2 cup Seven Grain oat cereal with 1/2 cup almond milk + coffee brewed at home
Afternoon snack: green juice

Lunch: 1 roma tomato with basil, italian burrata cheese, splash of vinegar and tiny drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
Dinner: 4 oz. roasted herb-lemon chicken with 3 oz. fingerling potatoes + sweet english peas, slightly steamed

I had to drag myself through my workout at the gym, and felt severely dehydrated, but managed to get done:
30 minutes elliptical [-308 c.]
2 miles run [-192 c.]

It has been so sunny the past couple days, that I've been in such a springtime mood. I woke this morning with the birds chirping and my solar powered bee dancing in the window. The sunnier it is out, the more he dances. When it snowed the other day, for instance, I did not even hear his plastic wings clicking, but yesterday (and today to a lesser extent) he was clicking like mad! Even though I know it's not nearly spring yet, I couldn't help but cheat a little, and put on one of my flowery dresses, and wore spring perfume that smells like poppy flowers and honey.

I must go be productive now, so I can play tonight (bowling with my darling sisters in Williamsburg).


Monday, January 23, 2012


My, it has been nearly 5 months since my last update! Also, I currently have the hiccups.

Since I was last here I settled into my new/old home in Queens. The walls got re-wallpapered, the carpets got replaced and an entirely new (youthful and cheerful) energy came through. It is much different living here than when I was younger and living with my whole family.

I've gotten a new goldfish, named Edison.

He was won at one of those carnival games in Coney Island where you try to throw a ping pong ball into a fishbowl. When I first got him home he had damaged, discolored fins and swam around very lazily, and I'm certain he was depressed. He refused to eat for most of the first week, even! Over the past 5 months I've gotten him an aquarium, and medicated his fins until he was as healthy as can be, and now he swims around energetically and has the appetite of a shark! I am considering the possibility of getting him a ladyfish for Valentine's Day, though I have never owned a female fish, and have never owned more than one fish at a time. The thought of it makes me very anxious and uncomfortable, so I try not to think about it.

Also, three of my poems have been accepted for publication at Literary Bohemian. I haven't gotten a publication in a while so it's a huge relief, and a great source of momentum to send out more work!

I've been doing very good with eating breakfast lately, and have my spiritual nutritionist Marina in mind when I must force myself to eat first thing in the morning! It *is* the best thing for me though. Today my eating was exceptional!:

Breakfast: 1 fat free coconut yogurt + coffee brewed at home
Morning snack: Coffee at a cafe while I sat outdoors to build up my winter tolerance and looked up healthy recipes on my phone
Lunch: Tomato and basil salad with burrata cheese and 1 tsp olive oil

Dinner: 4 oz. roasted herb-lemon chicken, 1 cup arugula and 3 oz. fingerling potatoes + 1 glass white wine

I had to bake boxes and boxes of chocolate sweets for my part-time bakery, and I'm proud of myself for not taking a single nibble!

I also ran 4 miles at the gym, did 20 minutes yoga/strength training and 5 minutes on the elliptical.

The new year is off to a healthy + joyous start!