Friday, June 22, 2012

Publishing and Confection Training

I've set myself a schedule of all the book publishers and their deadlines, over the summer and fall, that I'd like to submit my book to. I've just stayed up all day and night long in order to get the manuscript in shape, but it is officially off into the ether traveling speedily towards its first potential publisher. Breathe. I must remember breathe. I've been terrified for so long to send out my ms, Alice, but it feels so wonderful and I wish it were not such an odd hour right now and that people were awake so that I could celebrate and share the news! A heavy, 56 page weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Of course my little poet-brain will soon spin in a million directions about new edits and different ordering and etcetera, but for right now, while the summer birds are chirping and I'm delirious off of stimulants, I am content and optimistic. Also, I've just finished a Techniques of Chocolate course at the Institute of Culinary Education. We made caramels, barks, truffles, nougats and many other kinds of tastiness. My instructor had worked for the esteemed Jacques Torres (he's the reigning king of chocolate), and she had a lot of a helpful insider tips and constructive suggestions for more efficient techniques. The most convenient part of the class was that I could go wild making confections, coming up with creations and in the end I didn't have to wash a single dish! I did have to go to the ladies room to soap off sugar smears and dust cocoa powder off my shoes, but I adore not having to fuss with clean up.