Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chapbook Publication and I Got & Lost a Cat

In my happiest of news, my chapbook "The Case of the Missing Lover" was recently announced to be forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. They are a jewel of a press, publishing such innovative collections from only female poets, whom I am now honored to be in company with. During the period of my life in which I wrote this mini book I was accustomed to scrawling poems with a black sharpie onto balloons and releasing them into the sky above my apartment in Bushwick. I am so delighted that in Spring 2013 you can all get your little paws on my chapbook, so you can read some of my work without having to wait in your backyard for a shiny red balloon to land in your sprinklers. I found this news out 30 minutes after I discovered my semi-adopted stray pet cat Priscilla dead in the porch. Another 30 minutes later I discovered she was alive again, but very sick. All night I tried to comfort her-- told her stories about my day and put ice packs by her head in case she was feverish. I used one of the syringes my mother had left behind in the house, (she is a nurse who always keeps me supplied with bandage cutting scissors/sanitation gloves/saline filled syringes etc. for the day I may have to perform surgery on myself? I'm not sure why...) filled it with water/warm milk, alternatively, and tried squirting it into kitty's mouth. She refused to eat/drink and made death moans all night. The next day the vet put her to sleep. Priscilla, a Cat Who Came to Me One Day to Keep Me Company, When I Was Very Lonely: She is out there somewhere, incinerated, with her blanket and toy and hopefully a good wad of catnip she's licking leisurely and a bird opera playing in the background.