Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Tour Day #11––Everett, WA

I didn't have any spare time in WA to sit down and make videos, so I'll just recap with text entries.

It was extremely random for me to go to Everett, and I'd never even heard of the town beforehand so I wasn't expecting much more than a sleepy little place. But I had a blast performing at Everett Poetry Nite. In fact, it was the funnest performance experience of my entire book tour. I was the mini-feature, and the main feature was a young lady named Lauren Gilmore. I was blown away by this lady, she's only 18 years old but so incredibly talented already. Watch out for her, because she is going to do incredible things in the poetry world, I can guarantee that. Actually no, she already is doing incredible things. Track her down somehow and get her poetry chapbook titled Hometown Helium Blood. I am just now mailing out a check to her to get her other chapbooks, in addition to a letter I wrote her because we are now officially pen pals(!). If this entire book tour brought me nothing else, at least it introduced me to this lovely young poet and began the start to what I suspect will be a very long friendship. Plus, no one ever wants to write handwritten letters anymore, so the fact that she was willing is amazing to me. And not just willing, but she suggested it! She truly is a girl after my own heart. 

The host of the poetry night was a talented artist named Duane Kirby Jensen, and he was exceptionally warm and welcoming to me. I went out with the whole Everett Poetry Nite gang for a few drinks afterwards and did not get back to my hotel until late at night. I'm not sure if I've ever laughed as hard as I did that night––my cheeks were literally hurting so much I had to tell people to stop because I couldn't take any more laughter! My favorite quote of the night was when I overheard two of the guys talking amongst themselves–– 

Guy #1: "Where is that place again?"
Guy #2: "You know, it's by that bakery that we like to smell at midnight". 

All I can say is that I way underestimated Everett, and I hope sincerely that I get a chance to return one day. Additionally, it is the home to the Boeing airplane plant, and since I am a trained pilot I appreciated that fact.