Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ice Cream Dog Treats

I've been entirely unable to resist purchasing ice cream treats for the pup from the supermarket on these hot summer days, and I'm not sure which of us this fact delighted more. But as I've been trying to stick to a budget, I repeat the following phrase to myself before each and every thing I buy: "Do I really, truly, need this?"  

It was pretty difficult to talk myself into justifying the inclusion of "dog ice cream" on my list of expenses––and I'm pretty good about talking myself into the most ludicrously and luxuriously unnecessary of things. So when I was in the supermarket a few weeks ago, I dutifully removed the box of "Frosty Paws" from my increasingly dull shopping cart, and returned it to its frozen tundra in aisle 18. 

Could I live with the betrayed way the pup looked at me when I returned home, no Frosty Paws in sight? When it was 90+ degrees outside? When he must trot around in a thick fur coat all day long, his pink tongue hanging out of his mouth as he desperately tries to pant himself to a reasonable level of comfort? Obviously not. So I decided to make my own dog ice cream. I crossed my fingers and hoped this puppy DIY would turn out better than when I attempted a do-it-myself dog conditioner with coconut oil (the results were disastrous and the pup had greasy dreadlocks for many days afterwards, despite numerous attempts to wash it off). 

After some online research about dog nutrition, and an exploration of various recipe suggestions, I came up with one that was simple, healthy, and required ingredients I'd always have around. The fruit in the recipe can be switched up for a variety of flavors (just no grapes/raisins since that, apparently, contains something that can cause liver toxicity or something in dogs). 

Red Apple Harvest Dog Ice Cream


-1 cup greek yogurt
-1 apple (stem/seeds removed, but peel included for maximum nutrients) 
-1/4 to 1/2 cup water 


1. Combine ingredients and blend in a blender
2. Pour mixture into ice cube trays 
3. Freeze 

I happened to have some ice cube trays that were fish and star shaped––for god knows what reason––so I used those: 

Then baber and I felt like doing an artsy evening activity, so we spent our relaxing time creating a label for the treats:

The CEO was of course the pup himself, Mr. Bodo Bodington. So far he is exceptionally fastidious when it comes to quality control/taste testing. 

The next batch will definitely be banana based, as he is a big fan of bananas, and there is a bunch of them currently ripening patiently in the cupboard, until they are at their peak of freckled, sweet perfection.