Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer & Poetry Marathoning

With a start I realized it was near the end of summer, and feared I'd missed this year's Poetry Marathon. For those unfamiliar with the poetry marathon, it's an intense writing challenge that takes place in the summer, where you write a poem an HOUR for 12 or 24 hours straight alongside poets from all over the globe. It is the phenomenal creation of one of my favorite poet couples ever––Caitlin Thomson and Jacob Jans.

When I rushed to the Poetry Marathon's website ( I learned the marathon would not be taking place this year, but it will be in 2019, and they will be publishing another awesome anthology if there's the support to make it happen. I'm already excited about that.

Also! I had the pleasure of reading at the Poetry Marathon's reading last year so I got to meet a lot of the other marathoners in person. We had cocktails and talked politics afterwards.

Here are a couple (revised) snippets from my poems in marathons past:

" we hide out in moldy basements
and spend unlit days in loneliness,
with not even our own damn shadows
to keep us company."

"I wait for a miracle
to come rolling down a hill
which I am too exhausted to climb up."

The rest of my poems from years past can be found on the Poetry Marathon's website under the author name: jennifervera

Hope everyone is wrapping up a great summer. Here's my summer bucket list:

I will post an updated crossed-off version at the end of summer.


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