Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Announcing the 2018 November Prose Writing Month

This year I'll be hosting an online writing challenge for prose writing (for our purposes this means essay, flash fiction, short stories and novel) during the month of November.

Deadline to Apply: October 1st 2018

Writers set their own daily word goals (250-500 words a day are common). I've organized this writing challenge in the past and it's a lot of fun––intense, cathartic, and hugely inspirational.

You'll be posting an excerpt from your daily writing on the blog (A Novel November) each day for 30 days starting at 9 AM PT on November 1st and going until midnight PT on November 30th. You'll be expected to read and comment on the work of others and can likewise expect feedback and encouragement on your own work. See here for the full guidelines.

Space is very limited to maintain a close-knit atmosphere for the writing challenge.

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