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Jennifer Faylor is a literary editor who works one-on-one with authors. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Hunter College, an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence, and has completed courses in copyediting at Media Bistro. She's published a full-length poetry collection, Edison's Ghost Machine (Aldrich Press, 2014), and a chapbook, The Case of the Missing Lover (Dancing Girl Press, 2013). Additionally, she works as an editor for Milk Press and performs with the NY Poetry Society's Poetry Brothel. 


I offer detailed critiques on individual poems as well as chapbook and full-length manuscript consultations.

Poem critiques include a thorough examination of your work, line-by-line editorial suggestions and detailed feedback on the following areas (as needed): tone, syntax, diction, line breaks, musicality, title, imagery, and metaphors. ($15/pg. of poetry)

Chapbook and full-length manuscript consultations will include detailed critiques on poems that need attending to, feedback on the manuscript's title, suggestions for ordering and a commentary on the manuscript as a whole. ($250/chapbook consult, $500/full-length consult)


I offer proofreading, line edits, and critique services for short stories, novels, and creative essays.

Rates below are for full-length manuscripts 50,000 words+

Proofreading is a meticulous review of the writing's spelling, grammar, and major errors. ($0.01/word)

Line edits are a thorough review of the writing's literary devices (i.e. diction, tone, flow) with suggestions for how to improve the language and make the writing shine. ($0.02/word)

Critiques include a thoughtful read through, and written feedback on the following areas (as needed): plot, character development, metaphors, imagery, tone, title/names, and setting. ($0.01/word)

Developmental Edits are a meticulous review of the manuscript with written feedback on how to improve plot, character development, metaphors, imagery, tone, title/names, and setting. ($0.03/word)

The Full Editing Package combines a proofread, line edit, and critique of your manuscript. ($0.05/word)

Coaching Sessions

I offer literary coaching services to help you achieve your specific writing goals. These sessions will be individually tailored to fit your needs. ($100/1-hr session, $60/30-min session, $400 for 5-hr package of lessons.)

Sessions can be conducted over the phone, email, Skype, or in person.


I accept payment via Cash app, Venmo, and PayPal.

For full-length projects I am happy to offer complimentary sample edits of your work.

Contact me at jenniferverafaylor@gmail.com to discuss your project.

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