"Jennifer is my fairy godmother of writing. I've worked with several editors in the past, and after working with Jennifer, I can't imagine working with anyone else. Her work is on time, detailed, and caring. Not only is she masterful with words, but she looks beyond them to the heart of your writing; her intuition is keen. With her help, I have recently published three poems, and am currently working on a book. Jennifer has helped me find and refine my voice, and I am blessed to have found her."
-Tatiana Forero Puerta "Yoga for the Wounded Heart"

"I've worked with Jennifer on a variety of pieces. She’s a wonderful editor who pays attention to every little detail, and offers clear and useful feedback and suggestions. I sometimes enjoy reading her edits more than my own work!"
-Shawn L.

"It is with surging pride and deep joy that I attest to the outstanding editorial ability of Jennifer Faylor. She worked with me on the publication of an anthology of poems in 2014 and is currently  editing another. Jennifer is a grammatically precise and thorough editor who is truly adept at usage of the English language. Her flair for language and her keen sense of discernment are among her outstanding qualities. With effortless ease she inspires thought. This precious young lady has a pleasant and approachable personality and this enhances her giftedness as an editor.
I therefore unhesitatingly recommend her as an editor."
-Pat M. 

Once Jennifer returned a sample of the amazing life she could bring into my writing I never looked back. In the simplest terms, quit reading this testimony and hire her already! If you need more convincing, Jennifer used her awesome talents on my 118k word manuscript and worked it into the stunningly cohesive and tight-knitted comprehensive story that I only could have dreamed of before working with her. Currently we are tearing through the second novel in my series and I couldn’t be happier working with Jennifer again. Get her wonderful services while you can because once my book makes the bestsellers list I’m hiring her full time. Sorry everyone, I called dibs.
-Ross Caligiuri ‘Dreaming in the Shadows

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